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My existing adwords account seems lost, at login it starts setting up a new adwords account?

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I created and run a successful Adwords account for last almost 18 days but yesterday when I signed in to my account then it started setting up a new account with a new Adwords ID for me and asking to setup a new campaign and billing etc. It is not showing up my existing approved account now. I didn't receive any email or so. I only remember one thing that on last Friday I saw a notification on the adwords account asking to refresh the Adwords page to launch a new UI update or so and I din't do that. I don't know what happened to my account? If needed I can provide my Adwords ID. Kindly let me know if someone has any knowledge about these kind of issues?

Any help will be really appreciated.


My existing adwords account seems lost, at login it starts setting up a new adwords account?

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Well I got the reason behind this issue. You know what now a days the Adwords support is like Airtel customer service. Earlier when you don't have any trouble in life just dial to Airtel customer service and they will give you headache for free and make any thing complicated... now a days there is Adwords support who owned this responsibility. If you don't have any trouble and have a peaceful mind just dial to Adwords support and they will give you proper trouble and headache.


Today I dialed to Adwords support and the executive named "Ishan" told me that I am having this issue in my account because some one authorized person removed my access from my account... (lol... I am the only authorized person to this account) and he can't disclose any details with me. He irritated me for long time and put me on hold for long but didn't do anything. Then he sent me an email (on my registered email with Adword) asking a lot of information (including payment, billing address, campaigns, keywords etc.) to verify the ownership of the account. When I got angry with him then he transferred me to the supervisor "Mr. Abdur" (or Mr. Abdul) and he started making me understand that I need to provide the required details to get access of my account back. When I asked forcefully then he told me that my so called account manager "Mr. Abubaker" ( removed my access from my own account. WHAT??? HOW??? I don't know sir how this happened we will investigate with him why did he do this, supervisor replied.


Now I remember, actually on 24th Nov 16 I dialed to Adwords express support to know the status of my ads then "Mr. Abubaker" (my so called account manager) tried helping me. And instead of answering my simple question he started asking unrelated questions like the budget, payment, trademark usage, business type etc in my Adwords account for no reason. He also sent me an email with a link to access my account (I have that email) I didn't allow him to access my account and suddenly he got angry or disappointed. Then he asked me like when can he call for follow up on my issue, since I was irritated, I didn't allow him to call me back, but still he called me next day on 25 Nov and I said that Sir, I requested you to not call to me. Now I don't know why he took it personally and removed my access from my account after 10 days? I am confused even how can he do that? Who authorized him doing so. well adwords support is saying that they will investigate the issue with him and let me know. But one thing I could understand and would like to write here that don't get angry with Adwords support or follow their instructions as they want otherwise they can take it personally and has the power to remove you from your own account. Now I afraid the supervisor may have more power and can remove my whole gmail account and access to that... so be CAREFUL!