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My coupon website was Suspended for lack of original content (bridging to other sites)?

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Happy Friday everyone,


I recently started a new domain,, in an effort to combine my articles and coupons from my other domains: and, respectively.


It was recently suspended after running ads for 2 days on the new domain (just a side note, I've spent over $200,000 on AdWords on my other two domains without any issue), for lack of original content, specifically for bridging to other sites that do have the content.


I'm confused, because the campaign I was running on has the same exact landing page functionality (obviously, the designs are different) as my older domain and as RetailMeNot (the behemoth in the space).


My campaign's landing page that was flagged (

My other domain's landing page that has been running since July 2016 (

RetailMeNot's landing page that is currently running an AdWords campaign (


I'm curious what makes a violator of bridging while the other two (not to mention the countless other domains) are not? Coupon sites, by nature, are nothing but landing pages with offers and the details about the offers displayed for users to grab and assist with their shopping experience, so if that fits in the definition of bridging, then I'm unsure why there are hundreds of other coupon websites doing the same thing.


Thanks all for your responses. Have a great weekend.

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My coupon website was Suspended for lack of original content (bridging to other sites)?

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All sites are in violation. (Actually violations). The main one  already mentioned: lack of original  content / doorway site - all synonyms to the same section of the Policy: No added value to users. 

Why the system triggered the sites only now? I'm not sure. This should have happened long ago, but I have seen cases of sites in violation which were  audited / flagged after more than a year running fine.

Honestly, Google will not approve this business model. It cannot be promoted on google.

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Re: My coupon website was Suspended for lack of original content (bridging to other sites)?

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RetailMeNot has been around for 10+ years. It's a valid business model. Even Google Ventures invested in it.


The added value is the coupon offers, deals, and details about them. Not to mention other deals and product reviews that we have on our website (which RetailMeNot also has).


I appreciate you trying to help, but as evidenced, there is added value in what Google perceives. I mean, doing a quick Google search for "Zaful Coupons" shows a RetailMeNot listed ad, along with many, many, many others.


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