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My adword not showing

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Hello Guys, I am new on ad-words.I need help to improve my adds ranking to get more clients to visit.

Your help would be highly appreciated.



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My adword not showing

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Hi - there are a number of factors which affect your ad ranking but there are some core factors to start with:


1. Quality Score - you need to work on getting the highest QS you can for your keywords. Make sure that the ad copy is relevant to the keyword and that the landing page is on point as well.


2. Ad copy - the more engaging your ad copy the more likely people are to click - the better your CTR the more visitors you get - that's obvious - but also the more likely Google are to improve your QS - so work on the ad copy.


3. Your bid. When you are starting off with AdWords it's often the case that you underbid. This is a false economy - as a general rule, the more your competitors are willing to pay for an impression, the better quality visitor it will attract. It is worth biting the bullet to see where you stand in the marketplace. Only do this once you've got a decent QS - do it before then and you will simply be paying much more than you should.