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My ad is not showing online

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My ad is not showing when I key in my obvious search words

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November 2016

My ad is not showing online

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Mercy, there are many reason why your browser may not be showing ads from your campaign.  This is a very common question from newcomers to AdWords and there are some things you need to be aware of, per below.
For one thing, if you search for the same thing repetitively but don't click on an ad, Google will stop dishing those ads in favor of others.  
The proper way to see if your ads are running is with the Ads Preview Tool. Also impression statistics.
Your bids could be too low, you could be outside the targeted Geography, or because of your budget Google is just showing your ads a certain percentage of the time; there are a number of other possible reasons.  
It is best to rely upon the stats reported to determine if your ads are showing. If you keep searching for your own ad(s), it can lower your quality scores.  And it is an exercise in frustration in most cases.
Are you getting impressions of your ads?  Keep in mind data is sometimes delayed by 3 to 8 hours.
Check the Ads page, are your products showing as approved?  Are there any errors or warnings?
The first thing to check though, is are you getting impressions? if not then there is a different checklist.