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My acount used less than 1 year ago is vanished

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My last Adword payment was in January 2016 and I was about to login and start new ads, but the email address I logged in with is now not considered valid as it is not a Google account. Obviously at some point in the last 11 months some sort of account conversions occurred and my account with all my ads I carefully created with all my keywords are now gone. I created a new account using that selfsame email address and it is not linked to the former account.  I'd like all my old ads back and all my keywords restored with it just waiting for me to start up again.

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November 2016

My acount used less than 1 year ago is vanished

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Because this is an account issue, and we are mostly just volunteers on this peer-to-peer public support forum, your best best is to contact AdWords support.  Directions for the various ways to reach them are in the upper right of your account management page, under the gear icon. I do not know if they can resolve your issue, but it's worth a try. Here is a link: