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My account has been suspended for suspicous activity

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Hi my account has been suspended for suspicous activity I don't know why it was my first time paying for an AD with my OWN bank card. It worked but after a few days my account got suspended for no reason but "suspicious activity".


My brother then also made an account and did the same as me with his OWN bank card, it worked but then again a few days later he got suspended for the same reasons.


I don't even know how to contact Adwords by mail via adwords form but there was not a case for my problem to mail to... I still sent them a mail but they did not respond and I don't want to call them as my english is bad.


How can you guys help me and is it common for people to get suspended for suspicious activity for no reason as I paid with my own bank card ?

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My account has been suspended for suspicous activity

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This is what I get on my adwords account : Your account is suspended because your billing information can't be verified.


In the adwords help center it says :


Payments: Suspicious behavior
Your account can be suspended if we see suspicious behavior in your payment activity such as using a stolen credit card.
Thats it? Like How can I get it back working? They just this line about that...
How can I tell them this my bank card ????

My account has been suspended for suspicous activity

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I'm sorry to hear you're having this issue.


Google looks at a variety of things when evaluating a payment method, and it's not uncommon for them to identify something as suspicious, even though the card is completely legitimate.


Here are a couple of options:


1. Wait to hear back from Google support. By the way, they sometimes offer chat support. You can see what support options are available to you here:


2. Try using a different type of payment method. For example, if the two cards you've tried to use are debit cards, try using a credit card.


3. Work with an agency which pays Google directly, so that you don't have to enter your own payment method into the AdWords account (you would pay the agency directly).


I hope that helps!