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My account has been hacked, Disproportionate clicks in past month

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Hopefully someone can help, I had a Email from Google saying that they will take £126.00 from my bank account in next couple of days. Having looked at my bank statement I see they have taken £50 in November. I looked on my campaign overview and this is the amount of clicks I've had so far this year: Jan 4, Feb 5, Mar 3, Apr 3, May 4, June 9, July 10, Aug 5, Sept 4, Oct 22, Nov 152, 1-13 Dec 45. Prior to October the most I've paid is £4.51 in a month. As I haven't accessed my campaign page for several months let alone changed the budget(Which I had set on £0.50 a day) I think its clear my account has been hacked into. Anyone got any ideas how I can reclaim my money as there is clearly unusual activity in my account.


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December 2015

Re: My account has been hacked, Disproportionate clicks in past month

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Hi Dan,

Obviously, the first thing you need to do is pause all your active campaigns until you can figure out where things are leaking.

Then look at the last couple of months to try and see which campaign, ad group and keyword(s) have generated the extra expense.

In most cases Google don't tend to get this wrong, so somewhere it is likely that you have a setting or settings which is "permitting" this expense.

You see, even if the account has been hacked in some way, the daily budget should still cap the spend.

If you can figure out when the costs started to increase (you should be able to see on the graphs if you select to look at cost and clicks) then you can go into the Tools -> Change History and see if anything was changed around that time - and who made the change.

Take a look at this and then report back - let's see if we can figure out why the spend has increased.... in many cases (and this doesn't mean that this is your case) people often open up the door and let campaigns run for a while. There is a big difference between what has been spent and the actual exposure... I have audited accounts where the real exposure was thousands - but the actual spend was hundreds. Of course, clients are then upset when the spend rockets, but if the exposure is there the system cannot be blamed.

Do remember that Google is a business and if you say to them - here take up to $x a day, they will take it... and that doesn't mean that they will take it in a sneaky way... but they will look to maximise within your settings.