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My Google AdWords Manager No Longer Shows up as a Google Partner

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Recently the company we use to manage our AdWords account no longer appears in the Google Partners search, and that makes me worried. When I called Google about it they said there could be some potential reasons as to why they lost their status as a partner and those reasons make me worry for our own company's credibility. Has anyone ever experienced this?

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My Google AdWords Manager No Longer Shows up as a Google Partner

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@Tyler L

The partner status is awarded based on several criteria. Sometimes (especially if this is a small agency) the agency could lose the status temporarily. Commonly, this happens when a certification exam is not renewed or one of the performance metrics  is dropped below the threshold Google sets.

If you are happy with the agency's  performance, It would ask them, but not worry much.

My 2 pennies...

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My Google AdWords Manager No Longer Shows up as a Google Partner

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Yes. I (we) have lost our partner status, as well as many other experienced, skilled AdWords experts. And, it happened literally overnight.


Google decided that studiously following "best practices" was no longer something that Google wanted or needed. Instead, their focus is now solely on "sales". Not bringing in new advertisers, and adding to Google's bottom line - But, a "dog eat dog" cannibalization of existing advertisers between agencies. Now the "performance" metrics for certified partners is based solely on how many "new" clients you get into your MCC as an agency. Whether those are brand new advertisers, or you poached them from a smaller company (or independent specialist). Google wants certified partners to spend all their time soliciting services to people who don't want to be solicited, rather than actually managing and optimizing the accounts of the clients currently on the roster. Client retention, and long term client growth are no longer performance metrics that Google values.


Obviously, I'm very upset about this... This is yet another instance where I couldn't agree with @MosheTLV more! If you are happy with their services, if they communicate with you, and most importantly - If they are actually one of the few honest folks left in this business - Then, losing their partner status in this new environment may actually be a very good indication of how dedicated to your success they really are!


If they are spending their time looking out for your best interests over their own partner status, then don't shoot yourself in the foot, and fire them over this. Smiley Happy Odds are if you go with a larger agency that has enough incoming volume to meet the "performance" threshold, that's because they prioritize sales over service. You don't care how many "new" clients any sales person brings in per week, you care about whether or not the services you are paying them for have value to you.


On the other hand - Maybe they are crooks who deserved to lose their partner status, and I am incapable of being objective because of my personal situation. Smiley Happy