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Multiple accounts user - analytics

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I freelancer as an analytics admin for several companies, compiling reporting data on behalf of my clients on a day to day basis.


Through a couple of freelance job boards, I have been granted access by clients - some of which operate in the same retail sector.


Now, ethically speaking, I would never share the reporting of one client with another - especially when they operate in the same sector - but I would am wondering what Google's stand point is on this?


Have found little information about this on the help/support sites, and therefore  trying to find if there is any issue with operating in this way. I hate to turn down work, and I have been upfront with my clients.


My role is to generate reports - not to advise on actions for the businesses to take - therefore I don't think there is any (real) conflict of interest.


However, one client raised the issue of doubleserving and whether my access to multiple sites analytics data would infringe on this type of rule by Google.



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Multiple accounts user - analytics

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Interesting points, @james c and something that has been discussed at different levels in the past.


Firstly, let me assure you that your having access to different accounts does not have any bearing on the double serving issue - this only relates to the business entity that owns the accounts within Adwords - and in any event, if you are only accessing Analytics you are a step away from any potential issues.


Conflict of interest is something which lies between you and your client(s) and is often open for interpretation. The benefit to the clients of using a skilled data analyst such as yourself is that they are more likely to get actionable insights from you precisely because of the fact that you have other clients working in the same space - and most clients would see that as an advantage.


On the other hand there is plenty of scope for abuse - not only could you share data with clients, but with us now being able to share remarketing lists between accounts in our MCC there is a possibility that agencies might offer a new client access to an existing client's lists - and that would border on the criminal.


As far as I am aware, Google have not made any kind of statement on this but it is something that many people highlighted when this feature was added...