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Missing Keyword Estimates - Since Device Bid Adjustment Roll Out

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Since the device bid adjustment has been rolled out im noticing some quite disturbing issues within my adwords account.


  • Initially i kept all my device types under the same campaign/adgroup - What i discovered on a daily basis was quite often my keywords page estimates (est first page / top page/ first position) were missing & showing as a 'null' score.


I put this down to the system having trouble trying to calculate the keywords estimated bids under the same campaign/adgroup due to the devices now acting independently. So i tried the following;


  • I seperated each device into its own adgroups (for the same exact keyword)


**I still however have the issue post the device bid adjustment roll out that my page estimates (est first page / top page/ first position) are still not showing a figure even though each device has its own ad group**


Is anyone else experiencing these issues or how can i get these values to show again (like before the roll out of device bidding)?


Could it be the adwords tech team have made the mistake of not rolling out an adrank for each device seperatley, which is causing these issues?

Account Discrepancy

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I have discovered today an issue with my account which maybe linked to other recent issues i've talked about on the adwords community over the past few weeks.


I have reported my findings to adwords support via telephone - who ran through my findings live and have confirmed my findings and will be seeking the tech team to resolve.


  • I noticed my main [keyword] performance had reduced significantly even though the preview tool was advising my [keyword] was in top positions.


  • I've discovered today that even though the preview tool is showing my ad in top position - this is not the case for customers searching for my main keyword


  • Even by reducing my max cpc still resulted in the preview tool showing my ad in top position even though again in reality i'd almost slipped off the first page of search results.


It seems as though the preview tool is holding on to my account adrank and account historical performance which is correct, but this should also be the replicated for live google searches for customers.


For people who have read my other thread regarding missing keyword page estimates showing, this could be the solution to the issue. The system cannot issue page estimates when the preview tool and live searches are a million miles apart!


Its ok for google to keep rolling out updates but without strict testing of these its casuing major issues for advertisers like myself

Missing Keyword Estimates - Since Device Bid Adjustment Roll Out

Badged Google Partner
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Badged Google Partner

I think focusing on the estimates is not the main concern. The main concern is that performance of your premium search term(s) has declined. The first thing to do, is try to figure out what actually happened. If you make assumptions, then you may actually compound the problem.


First things first - Enable your impression share columns, and take a look at your auction insights report. If you are only showing an ad for that premium term 10% of the time, you could be in the top position, but only 10% of the time.


The preview tool is not a live search. What you see live will vary depending on your browser settings and search habits. Google may never show you an ad live, because they know you never click on your own ads.


You can't segment first page estimates by device. If you segment each device out into it's own adgroup, if you don't have enough volume for that term, for those devices, then you won't see an estimate.


The fix - Create a campaign for that premium term. Set your daily budget high enough to cover 100% of the available impression share. Set your bid high enough so you are not losing any impression share due to rank.