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Merchant Centre Google Sheet (columns)

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Hi Guys.


I have a merchant account. Loads of my products are getting disapproved because they don't have GTIN codes. I currently run my feed off a google sheet. Do I just add a column at the end of my current table and title it "GTIN"?  I have read this 

Truth be told - it doesn't really answer my question. 

I also don't have GTIN for a lot of my stock, so in that column do I use the following text : identifier_ exists to no


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Re: Merchant Centre Google Sheet (columns)

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(1) yes -- gtin is simply another attribute -- column (heading).


(2) no -- a gtin value must be either valid gtin digits or entirely empty;

no other value is allowed for gtin; column format should be plain-text.


identifier_exists is a separate attribute and must be a separate column heading;

identifier_exists accepts either a yes or no (cell) value.

note that "don't have gtin" -- meaning difficult to locate
and "don't have gtin" -- meaning valid gtin does not exist,
at all, are two completely different scenarios.

if valid gtin exists -- from the manufacturer as a valid gs1 bar-code --
then valid gtin and brand must be submitted or the item must be removed.
if valid gtin does not exist -- has never been assigned by the manufacturer --
then, for a spreadsheet, gtin, brand, and any mpn cells must be left entirely
blank (entirely empty), and the identifier_exists cell value must be exactly no
for that specific item.

if all items being submitted do not have any valid gtin then,
the gtin, mpn, and brand columns may be deleted, altogether,
and all cell values under the identifier_exists (column heading)
must be set to exactly no for all items.

a valid gtin gs1 bar-code is usually stamped, on the item, at the factory,
by the manufacturer -- since all items must be in the merchant's on-hand,
in-stock, physical inventory -- the best likely course is to check directly
on the item for a valid bar-code and corresponding digits to submit: