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Manage 2 Adwords account compete for same keywords

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I'm using an Adwords MCC account which is connected with my Adwords account. I'm running a campaign for real estate. One of my friend also want to run real estate campaign for same keywords and want me to manage his campaigns. Can I connect his Adwords account with my MCC and manage both campaigns from single MCC ?


What is the best way to manage these two campaigns. What about managing both Adwords account separately without connecting to MCC.

Manage 2 Adwords account compete for same keywords

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Yes, you can connect both to your MCC. Given they are separate domains with separate content, you shouldn't see any issues. I assume your friend knows you will be bidding on (competing) with him/her on keywords? I think the biggest issue is the conflict of interest you have managing a competitor's account, but that's a between you and them.


As far as managing, the good thing is something you learn from one you can apply to both (new keywords, negatives, ad composition that works, etc). You just have to watch your bidding because if you raise on one, you could potentially cause a CPC rise on the other.


I would also try to make the ads distinct. A lot of guides will tell you to research competitors and copy their ads. I disagree with that. I feel you blend in and don't stand out. So if you find success in one "ad formula" for one of the accounts, don't copy verbatim.


Best of luck.