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Malware issue on a campaign

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Since a week i have a suspended ad from my website <edited by a Community Manager as noted below> because of a malware. But I designed the whole website with HTML, and some JS stuff like the share button, and that's it.

They send an email from technical team, this email means nothing to me,   maybe someone can tell me what does that mean :

<edited by a Community Manager as noted below>

I scanned website on different anti virus and anti malware website like and everything is clean.

This is supposed, according to them, to be the issue and the reason why i am banned from adword campaign.

I repeat i have no php or strange link like that on my code. It s a simple website hosted on Nvirtua and the all host is protected by anti virus and firewall.

It just mean nothing to me, is somebody have a clue, I will really appreciate.

Technical support is a little bit useless...


Thanks all, cheers !

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Re: Malware issue on a campaign

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Hey Jonathan, how are things?

Malware problems are not always related to on-page files. It can be files that are accessed on the server, which may infect the user browser or so.

Google recommends you to use this tool: and also Search Console to check for any malware on your website. It could be a hosting problem and not particular your website, so try to dig on that.

Also, this page have a bunch of information about malware, maybe it can help:

Hope this helps.

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

Re: Malware issue on a campaign

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Hello thank you for your answer, console has no alert, everything seems to be normal, and all the warning of are not on my website.

i use that script for social button share maybe it can be that.

you can find the js script but i really doubt about that script to be detected as malware.



Re: Malware issue on a campaign

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I try all Google tool and nothing, everything all right. Where do they find a malware on my website and why they can 't provide a concrete answer.

Re: Malware issue on a campaign

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you have to scan your computer first and see if you have any virus on your side , then you have to create a ftp account and download your website content on your computer and scan it .. you should find something there .

Re: Malware issue on a campaign

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the site seems to have a conditional-redirect issue.

when googlebot requests the non-www version
a redirect to the www-version with an ending /
is returned -- then, a 403-forbidden.

check the server's configuration and any malware/attacks
associated with the server's configuration (e.g. .htaccess)

or associated firewall settings and possibly request help

from the hosting-company.