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MCC account / adwords account

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If someone from Google who has some common sense can help explain this.


I decided to look into the partner program.  After joining I typed in adwords into my browser and clicked sign in because I was logged into my google account and it opened an adwords account.  But I didn't want an adwords account but rather an MCC account.  So I enter no information, skip the account set up and went to settings and closed the account.


Found the login to create an MCC account and logged in fine, but going through the registration it says I can't register as I have an adwords account.  Well, no I don't because it was closed AND it was never used.


So I ring support to get help and the guy says you have to open a new email account.  Hold the phone. 


Hey???  This makes no sense at all.  Why open a second email account which I would never use just to open an MCC account when I should be able to have the MCC account in my existing email address because the adwords account I had was closed AND never used.


He said you have registered an adwords account.  I say ok, then, de-register it!!


He says we cannot "de-register" the adwords account even though he said he can see it was not used and had been closed.  And therefore the only way you can open an MCC account is to create a whole new email account and then register an MCC account.


So do we live in bureaucratic hell?  Has common sense been thrown away? 


I suggested that given he was Google he should have the ability to de-register, given they built the system, and his response was that they couldn't do this.  I indicated if I had a Ford motor car and went to Ford and asked them to fix the engine would they tell me they could not fix it? Google built the engine so they should be able to fix the engine and simply re-register the account on adwords. 


But suffice to say any vague hope of common sense does not exist at Google.  They wont de-register the account never used and closed but rather would prefer you open another email account that will never be used and remain open because they did not have the basic common sense to build the ability to allow someone to open an MCC account in the email address they use every day and have the ability to de-register an adwords account that has NEVER been used and CLOSED.


Someone at Google explain this lack of common sense please.



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Re: MCC account / adwords account

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Hi @Sean C, sorry for the delay in replying.


It has always been the case that AdWords Accounts (or MCCs) can only be associated with one Account at any one time.  Note that even if the Account was never actually used, it's still considered "linked" to the email address used at its creation, so it doesn't matter that you never used the Account.


There is a way round this, but it will involve using a "dummy" email Account.  Instructions are here:



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Re: MCC account / adwords account

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Thanks Jon, however, a work around is not needed.

Google displayed common sense and logic and called me this afternoon and they have removed the Adwords account from my email address and I can now open an MCC account.

Interesting it was Google in India that called me and fixed this while support in the USA just said open a new email. They really need to both get on the same page or maybe the USA team need some training from the Indian team.