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MCC account + Agency + Freelance + Clients

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Imagine this:

> Agency (me)
> Freelance X
> Freelance Y
> Client A
> Client B
> Client C


I want that:
> Agency can manage every clients
> Freelance X can manage A + B
> Freelance Y can manage B + C


How is it possibile to do that?


Specifically, I can't figure out how Freelancers X and Y can work at the same time with the Client B. Any suggestion?

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Re: MCC account + Agency + Freelance + Clients

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If I understood correctly do this:-


Ask Freelance X and Freelance Y to create MCC accounts. Then add them as Managers for the respective accounts that you want them to own and manage i.e. X will manage A, B and Y will manage B and C as per your post. Note that an individual AdWords account can be linked to maximum 5 manager accounts. So I think what you are trying is quite possible.



Re: MCC account + Agency + Freelance + Clients

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Just make sure your MCC account (Agency) is the first added to the client account, then the next day add the freelancer MCC accounts . This way the account spending will be attributed to your MCC account , instead of the other MCC accounts.

Re: MCC account + Agency + Freelance + Clients

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Unfortunately it does not seem possible (or maybe I'm doing something wrong?)


I have read that you can manage an individual AdWords account with up to 5 manager AdWords accounts.


But, if I create an account (the so-called optional-login) directly from my MCC, it would seem that I can not invite any other manager.


I can invite only users (who not have already been using their email account in an individual AdWords account).


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Re: MCC account + Agency + Freelance + Clients

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I found a solution:
> Agency, Freelance X and Freelance Y have their own respective MCC
> Agency creates three account (aka optiona-login account) in his MCC
> Freelance X, in his MCC, link the A+B accounts
> Freelance Y, in his MCC, link the B+C accounts

It's possible because:
> every individual adwords account can be managed by max 5 MCC
> Freelancers link the account FROM their MCC and not "Agency invite Freelancers" (< it will result in an individual adwords account invitation; not possible for Freelancers to accept because they own an MCC account)

Re: MCC account + Agency + Freelance + Clients

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Hi Marco,

I`m trying to replicate your setup. Could you help me out here?
Currently I have:

Agency MCC
------Sub MCC
-----------Client Account

How can I have freelancers connect to the client account without having the client ask to accept the invitation?