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Link non-associated Adwords Account from Google Analytics

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Hello there


I`m the webmaster of our company, own the domain admin permission to Google Analytics.

But the AdWords account is owned my our marketing and neither of us have each other in the user account. My question is that can I link non-associated Adwords account in my GA? I have our company AdWords account ID, but it didn`t show up in my GA settings. 


What should I do at this point? Do I need to grant a user and "edit" permission to marketing to make this work? If possible I would like to finish this from GA end.


Thank you in advance for your help.





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Link non-associated Adwords Account from Google Analytics

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@Feng W


That's correct. You need to grant the email associated with the Adwords account access to your Analytics account.  You will then see it as an option for linking.

I'd like to point out that it is in your company's best interest to own their Adwords account. It's easy for the marketing company to manage your account via their MCC. Here are the third-party guidelines your marketing company should be following:

Link non-associated Adwords Account from Google Analytics

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It can go either way. Someone needs to have the appropriate level of access to both accounts to link them. If it's a third party provider that has/owns the AdWords account (NOT recommended, as David pointed out!), then get them to give you admin level access to the AdWords account, and they can remove you after you link the accounts.


This sounds like a bad situation all the way around. If the/your company does not "own" the AdWords account, then you need to find an actual professional to manage the advertising for you. No ethical AdWords account managers deny their clients access to, or ownership of their AdWords account.