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Limited By Budget

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How can my campaign be "Limited by Budget" and also have high impression share (90's).  If it was limited by budget, wouldn't that cause the impression share to be low?



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Re: Limited By Budget

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Hi Amanda,

When you enable the additional Impression Share Lost columns, what does the info tell you. Does it suggest you're losing IS due to budget or rank at all?

I've not run into this myself but I'm wondering if you might just be on the border of the budget you would need to achieve a very high IS.

Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Re: Limited By Budget

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"Limited by budget" means you've been consistently hitting your daily budget limit too often. The actual impression share is irrelevant. You could be at 99% share, but if your daily limit is what's keeping you from hitting 100%, you're limited by budget.

This is where you're supposed to stop and think: If your current campaign is profitable, and your business can handle the additional customers, why aren't you spending to get that extra 10% share? As long as ROI justifies the ad spend, there's no reason not to go for 100% impression share.

If ROI Is bad, then don't worry about budget limitations. Fix ROI first.