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Limited By Budget (Incorrect)

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Hi All,


I was wondering if anyone is experiencing issues similar to mine, in my account I have approximately 2,200 campaigns with about 10,000 adgroups, it's a pretty size-able account therefore I utilize shared budgets at every chance I get. Occasionally I have been noticing that Google's "Sufficient" or "Limited By Budget" indicators have not been working as Google intended them to do so. For instance an account will be at 40 dollars a day, "limited by budget" but only spent $10.00 over the past 4 days. On the same note, campaigns in the Display network do not show in the shared budget screen that they are limited, instead they are being shown as sufficient but once you click into the actual campaign and onto the display network tab you can find the notification that it is limited. We have reached out to Google and their recommendations were quite vague and did not provide an answer to our issue. 


Anyone have any insights or recommendations for this issue?




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Re: Limited By Budget (Incorrect)

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@Molly W;

 Limited by budget is an estimate of the system, when under all current settings,  the campaign is reasonably well performing  and "taking it to the next level" (in terms of impressions and CTR) requires additional budget.

As any other statistical estimate, it is based on  comparing  current  (campaign) performance  to the potential performance, over a period of time longer than 3 days. (Google does not disclose  specifics.)


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Re: Limited By Budget (Incorrect)

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About half of the time "Limited By Budget" is just an annoying notification that you can't get rid of placed in an attempt to make you spend more. If you know what you are doing, just ignore it.

Re: Limited By Budget (Incorrect)

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Hi Molly,
I want to give you a very sincere suggestion which I myself use. Instead of looking at the Limited by Budget notification, look at adding the column Impression Share (Lost By Budget). More on it over here -
With this budget you can decide, if you are really losing your visibility because of budget.
Few addon suggestions for you -
1. Using shared libraries is the ideal way, but sometimes you might need to look at also applying individual budgets to specific campaigns. Specific campaigns can depend on your KPI's, your plans and also performance (leads/revenues)
2. Try Using Budget labels to strafe through various campaigns faster and optimize budgets.
3. Look to building an excel sheet which is automated to help you automatically get new budget numbers based on your pacing.

Hope this helps!