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Keyword planner tool issue

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Today I am trying to access keyword planner tool but I get a message 'To use keyword planner, you need to have atleast one active campaign, if you have an active campaign and are still seeing this message, try reloading keyword planner in a few minutes.'


I don't have any active paid campaigns, so does this mean I can't access keyword planner. Is this a new strategy to push people for paid ads?

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Re: Keyword planner tool issue

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Hi Ashvin,

I will recommend you to create one Test Campaign and then you can use keywords planner tool.


Re: Keyword planner tool issue

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But do I have to pay for the test campaign??? I am having this same problem, as are multitudes of other users I've run across. It seems Google expects us to buy the horse before we can actually SEE the horse and decide if it's worth the asking price. Or even before we can research "horse ownership" to find out if we're up to the task. It's shady and really inexcusably sh*tty UI. Come on, Google. This is ridiculous.

Re: Keyword planner tool issue

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(1) if the account has been fully created and the entire
sign-up flow has been completed, including billing details
and a campaign then, the tools-tab should appear atop the
main menu-bar, aside home, campaigns, and opportunities;
keyword-planner will then be under the tools-tab:

if the sign-up flow requests a campaign then,
simply ignore the message and add billing but

do not create any campaign.

otherwise, simply add a campaign and immediately pause the campaign.

add the lowest possible values for the bid and budget during sign-up.

importantly: be absolutely certain that all campaigns are paused;
otherwise, the advertising clicks will be continually charged --
no matter how well or poorly designed the campaigns may be.

(2) however, if an account has been fully created and the entire sign-up flow
has been completed, including a (paused) campaign and proper billing but,
the keyword-planner still cannot be accessed or an issue still exists then,
a support-specialist may be contacted directly --

(3) otherwise, keyword-planner is mainly for paid advertising campaign
research -- not for general keyword or search-term related analysis;
the bid, budget, type of product or service, customer behavior, and
many other factors, can statistically skew actual ad-auction results.

google-trends is available for general keyword and search-term analysis
and currently requires no billing information and no account whatsoever.

Re: Keyword planner tool issue

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I'm getting the same error message and have a fully functional & running MCCC account. I can get as far as dropping a word or two in and then I hit this wall of the error message. It's been doing this since last Friday and it's extremely frustrating. It sounds like it's actually on THEIR end.