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Keyword planner search volume INCONSISTENT in front end vs downloaded csv

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The average monthly search volume on the front end does NOT always match what is in the downloaded report.
We use the keyword planner for keyword research, and this discrepancy is confusing and frustrating. I understand that the keyword volumes are estimates, etc... but the numbers should be the same on the front end as in the downloaded report right?
I am not changing ANY of the targeting settings (regional, language, etc) or any settings for that matter.
It still happens:
• if there is one keyword in an ad group or many (no differences if keywords in plan are unrelated OR similar, or if they came from ad groups or individual keywords)
• if added or downloaded on the 'get ideas' or 'get search volume' pane
• nor does it matter if I am on the 'ad group ideas' or 'keyword ideas'
• when changing the keyword type from 'broad' to 'exact' to 'phrase' also does nothing
• no matter if looking at specific regions or languages (obviously the volumes change, but the downloaded report is still not the same as the front end)
The Keyword 'best shaving soap' as an example where there is a 50% difference in volumes.
• the front end returns 3,600
• the download only shows 2,400... 
• no changes or settings changed whatsoever.
Why is this happening? How can I fix it?
Is one more accurate?
If this is a known issue, how would I explain this to a client?



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June 2016

Re: Keyword planner search volume INCONSISTENT in front end vs downloaded csv

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Hi Jeremy,


It looks like you're reviewing historical avg. monthly searches in the UI and then maybe downloading your "plan". These are essentially two different measures. One is historical and one is a projection, based off of targeting information, bids, budgets, account history (perhaps), match types etc...I would not expect them to match, nor would I expect that the projections would match actual performance in an account.


I tested this two ways, one downloading the plan, which is a sheet just like yours with the same information and a second where I download without using the plan. Here is what came from the second download I just did and it matches up just fine.



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Re: Keyword planner search volume INCONSISTENT in front end vs downloaded csv

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Thank you for your reply, I did not realize they were different measures.

I had been using the 'plan' as an easy way to get volumes for a list of keywords.

Is there any way to get the historical avg. monthly searches from a plan (that is not affected by my particular account).

I would have to copy the keywords from my plan and use the 'get search volume' then click 'download' (not add to plan!) to get the data I am hoping for. (is there a better workaround for this?)

Thanks again!