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Keyword Tool Help!

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I was gone for adwords for a few months. I just logged back in to use the keyword planner tool. However, instead of showing me the average number of times a keyword is searched per month, its just giving me an enormous range like 10k-1M. What has happened? How can I see more accurate data?

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December 2016

Keyword Tool Help!

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During Q3 2016 Google had to make a change to the keyword planning tool due to misuse. Accounts that are below a spending threshold per month are only able to see limited search volume information.

Re: Keyword Tool Help!

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Hi @Will G,


As mentioned by @Steve B, an active campaign is required with a spending amount above the threshold amount to get the accurate data.


As you are accessing the AdWords after few months with no active campaign, you are getting the data in terms of range.


Note: The threshold amount has not been disclosed by the Google AdWords.

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Keyword Tool Help!

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Thanks @Archit, yes i should have mentioned that Google has not disclosed a threshold; or any details e.g. whether it's dynamic based upon campaign configuration etc.  If they did it would likely lead to manipulation, which is what they're trying to avoidSmiley Happy