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Keyword Planner tool shows very few related keywords to my site

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I have an issue with keyword planner's relative keyword list it generates based on our homepage. For example, let's say our website is about fishing, so instead of pulling keywords like lures, bass fishing, rapala, boats etc., it pulls something along the lines buy now, check you cart. Also the amount of words pulled is very low, only 4-5 vs dozens if I check our competitor's website.
On the other hand, when I search in Google for fishing lures for example, we come up as a first result, which means Google knows that we are the best option for this search term.
How is this possible, if in the keyword planer it thinks our site is about "buy now"
What does google look for when it is checking for relevant keywords for a website URL?

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Keyword Planner tool shows very few related keywords to my site

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Hi @WindwardStudios,


I am not sure why you are seeing the results you are... but I would suggest you try 2 other ways of using the keyword planner tool.

1. use a mix of keywords like the ones you suggested earlier - lures, bass fishing, rapala, boats etc. and the keyword planner should give you relevant suggestions.

2. Use a competitor website who you think has content closest to your products. The planner tool will pull data from there and provide keywords. 


Hope this helps!



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Keyword Planner tool shows very few related keywords to my site

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Thank you for your reply. Our issue is not that we can't find the keywords we need, but rather that keyword planner tool doesn't associate our website with any relevant keywords. The issue is that google seems not to know that our site is about fishing at all, while it knows that our competitor's site is. So the question was what might be wrong with our website so that google doesn't relate us to the correct keywords?