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Keeping your accounts safe and putting you in control

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Hello, my name is Elijah and I work in the Google team responsible for sharing how we help keep users’ accounts safe and also pointing users to some of our features which give them the control over their accounts. I will be posting over the next few weeks on these topics so stay tuned and feel free to respond with comments or questions.

One of our new features which we are excited about is a hub for managing your Google account settings - aptly named My Account. My Account gives you quick access and a step-by-step guide to the settings and tools that help keep your data safe, protect your privacy, and decide what information is used to make Google services work better for you. Within it, you can also manage targeted advertising, location tracking, and web and app activity history. Essentially, it empowers you to make the right security choices for your account.


My account - laptop.png


The new hub has three sections: sign-in & security, personal info & privacy, and account preferences. With sign-in & security, you can change your password, manage connected apps, set a recovery email address and phone number, and check which devices are connected to your Google account.


The privacy section controls your account history, lists the different Google services you use, and lets you download your personal data via Google Takeout.


Account preferences let you set your preferred language, manage Google Drive storage, and delete your account, should you want to.


My account - mobile.png


Privacy goes hand in hand with security. As such, we’ve also set up a new site, to candidly answer some of the most common privacy questions that our users have. In the site we explain how we show relevant ads without selling your personal information, how encryption and spam filtering help keep your data safe, and how your information helps better your experience on Google.


Visit the new hub and website to start customising your account to suit your security needs and preferences. And don’t forget to get back to us with comments or feedback.



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Re: Keeping your accounts safe and putting you in control

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Thanks for sharing, Elijah!