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Is the Remarketing Tag Sitewide?

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Hey guys and girls,


My name is Cameron and I'm new to this community. I have a question about the AdWords remarketing tag I'm hoping someone can help me with. When you have a remarketing tag on a few pages of your website, does Google automatically index all of the other pages? I'm asking because my agency is building a website to host landing pages for our clients (for various reasons), but our interior design client's remarketing audience keeps being disapproved due to policy violation. The first landing page we built on the site related to nerve damage (which you obviously cannot remarket to) and I'm wondering if that's why the audience is being disapproved. The remarketing tag is only on the interior design page and not the nerve damage pain, but it's still being disapproved.


Does anyone have any suggestions of what to do?


Thanks in advance,

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Re: Is the Remarketing Tag Sitewide?

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Your remarketing tag should be on every page of the site. See and see step 9.

I'm not sure why you have two different clients on the same website, as you will run into policy issues with adwords with this setup.

Google does not let you point multiple accounts at the same domain.

Re: Is the Remarketing Tag Sitewide?

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I agree with Elliott - give these landing pages their own domain name. For $10 you'll won't have these problems, and your CTR will most likely improve in ads. If your agency is unable to implement this, I'd be changing agencies.

Re: Is the Remarketing Tag Sitewide?

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Good point, I don't think that thought had even crossed their minds. Thanks!