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Is AdWords email contact form unavailable?

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From one can reach the email contact form at but this page does not exist any longer (404). Is it only me?


Instead I've been using the AdWords Express contact form but I don't know if they will forward to the AdWords support team


Even the chat looks unreachable. The chat now link is pointing to but finally redirects to the Support homepage at


Is it down for you too? Do you know an alternative page to contact AdWords directly?



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Is AdWords email contact form unavailable?

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adwords express is the same as adwords support 


Is AdWords email contact form unavailable?

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Hi Jonathan,


Here's the page which lists the options for contacting AdWords support:


If you don't see e-mail and chat support options on this page it might be because you're not logged into your AdWords account in the browser you're using to access the page. If you are logged into AdWords, you should see a message at the top of the support page with your customer ID.


I hope that helps!




Is AdWords email contact form unavailable?

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Hello John,


Well offers the same links as which are broken.


I am logged in (the top of the page says "You're seeing customized help based on your account") and I do see the email and chat options. It's just that the links are broken and/or the target pages are no longer existing or changed URLs without the links to it being updated.


As of today the issue is still present.

Is AdWords email contact form unavailable?

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Thank you Zaby. This may be the case. At least I can confirm I got an answer on next-day from the Google AdWords team while I used the AdWords Express contact form.


So it's a working workaround until the AdWords contact page is fixed.

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Re: Is AdWords email contact form unavailable?

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generally, an issue category must be selected before contacting google.

also, be certain that the browser-window is at 100% zoom

before using the contact related pages -- especially chat.


usually, some basic information will be requested so that google
can help choose the most appropriate support-specilist available
for the issue-category and the country (time-zone).


then, these are currently more direct links --


for phone, select the appropriate language and country:


for chat, complete the pre-chat form:


for email help with ads or ad-performance issues:


for email help with policy issues:


for email help with billing issues:


otherwise, all questions in the entire contact-flow
usually must be answered before contacting google --
many issues are better resolved by simply carefully
reading the most appropriate help-article:


most contacts are the same or similar for express:




Is AdWords email contact form unavailable?

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Thank you Celebird! These are the links I was looking for. Especially


I can still confirm as of now that and have non-working links at least for Email contact.


So it's not yet fixed, but I got the perfect workaround with those direct links. And I don't think it's got to do with zoom (i'm at 100%) nor category (there's no choice at this point, you're just choosing the channel to contact them).


Thank you.

Is AdWords email contact form unavailable?

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Actually I think I know what's the issue: Google multi-account. Won't let me choose what account is actually asking for support. And the current account has no AdWords account associated. Maybe I should log off all accounts and then log in only with the AdWords account. But then what's the point of Google multi-account?


Anyway, I also found that directly from AdWords you can click the wheel from the upper-right corner and then click Help. Then from the box than opens, Chat or Email.


Re: Is AdWords email contact form unavailable?

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first, you're welcome and thank you for the update.


yes, most of the contact-forms are dynamic and account-specific --
for example, if a manager-account, multi-client-account, or similar

is currently logged-in, both the customer-id and a child-account-id

may be required.


using the geer-icon (wheel) for help, directly within the account,
usually attempts to preselect some appropriate information before
the contact-flow begins and is typically the more direct route.