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Invalid GTIN - individual products that sell bundle

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We sell acoustic panel products that are sold in a bundle pack by others. I believe we are the only one sell them individually.


At first, we used the bundle MPN and got disapproval. Then we added identifier exists to false. that didn't work. and then we added our own code in the MPN section and set the identifier exists to false. that also didn't work. at last, we left identifier exists blank and kept the MPN with our product code. but we got item requires a GTIN.


I have tried all the possible way. I am new to Adwords. Please guide me the right method to solve this issue. 


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Invalid GTIN - individual products that sell bundle

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Google Employee

Hi Sharmile,


Thanks for reaching out!


Depending on the country you're targeting and the type of products you submit, you might need to include a combination of these identifiers using the 'gtin', 'brand', and 'mpn' attributes. 


If your product has a GTIN, MPN and brand, you will have to provide them in the feed. Here is a resource you can use to find GTINs. In 2016, we updated our requirements for GTINs and now require them for all products with a GTIN assigned by the manufacturer. 


If you wish you sell your product as custom good, you can use the identifier_exists attribute to indicate that unique product identifiers aren’t available for your product. If you decide to use the identifier_exists false attribute, you have to leave the 'gtin', 'brand', and 'mpn' attributes blank. Here is a link with information about product identifiers. 


Invalid GTIN - individual products that sell bundle

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Hi there,


The solution is simple. I suggest below to fix all your issues:


1- Use your own MPN 

2- Purchase some unique barcodes for the products/bundles to be able to identify them. GTIN, EAN or UPC can be used for the GTIN as long as they are unique for each product. This is not really expensive but it will resolve many issues in the background. 

3- For the brand, if all products are using the same brands then you can keep it the same for all the products and if the products have different brands then you need to feed the relevant brands for each product. Google has started with certain brands which you brand may not be part of them but it will not matter as long as you fill it.

4- Set the identifier exists to true.


Need to confirm that you need to make sure as much as possible providing information within the feed.


I am pretty confident, this will sort out your issues. Please let me know if you need any more assistance.





Invalid GTIN - individual products that sell bundle

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Hi Tina,

Thank you very much. 

I used the method (removing GTIN, MPN, Brand and set the identifier_exists false) you have suggested for 2 products. I can see those 2 products are not in the today's disapproval list. I am going to follow this method and keep eye on that GTIN disapproval list. I am only getting for this Acoustic panel. Hopefully, this method reduces the GTIN disapproval. 



Invalid GTIN - individual products that sell bundle

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Hi R,

I am currently tested for 2 products by leaving MPN, Brand and GTIN blank. Those 2 products are not in the latest report. but I expect at a later date Google will pick this up.