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Ineffective targeting settings

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I'm very knowledgeable about Adwords, not expert but pretty good. I get so many clicks from Bit coin sites, absurd placement, tons of clicks on Christmas Eve and Day, New Years Eva and Day and I sell trade show exhibits. My topics and demographics exclude all that..obvious fraudulent billing is deemed appropriate by Google. It's unreal. I've run a company for many years, educated..not a slouch and I can't stop it. I have learned from reps how to find work arounds when the setting don't work but its arduous. The representatives on the phone are often baffled. Worst? Support tickets are not really responded to. No regular company could get away with this.

When say I know much about Adwords...we are talking like 80 hours...pretty much at wits end

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Re: Ineffective targeting settings

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Hello Nick.

If you are getting clicks from irrelevant placements and search queries you have problems with targeting methods.

Irrelevant search queries - make sure that you are not using any broad keywords. You can use broad modifier instead.
Irrelevant placements - please let me know which targeting methods you are using in your Display Campaigns. Maybe there is a sense to use only management placement if keyword and interest targeting doesn't work in effective way.
Cheers, Alexey
UAWC Agency
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