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Incredibly High Invalid Click Rate + Major Analytics - Adwords click differences

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Hello I am hoping someone can help me.


I have recently launched a new website that I am now driving traffic to via Adwords. However I have an insanely high invalid click rate of over 15% overall.


Not only this but there is a huge discrepancy between out clicks and sessions in Analytics. I understand a session is different to a click but to give you an example we have 107 clicks (using Adwords tab on Analytics) but only 33 sessions. To me this is off.


Also, the invalid clicks do not account for the difference, there is too larger a gap.


Am I being kicked around by bots to waste our budget?


(been running the Adwords for 4 days now)


Thanks All.

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Re: Incredibly High Invalid Click Rate + Major Analytics - Adwords click differences

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Hi @James L I'd say the invalid click rate and the AdWords/Analytics discrepancies are probably two different problems (although invalid clicks will be part of the Analytics problem).


As far as invalid clicks goes, a lot depends upon what, where and how you're advertising.  Some products/services, websites, regions and methods are far more prone to invalid click activity than others.  If you can provide some more details of your campaign, we may be able to offer more advice.


With AdWords vs Analytics, it's really not uncommon to see a discrepancy between clicks and sessions, in fact I'd go as far as to say that it's rare to see the two figures match.  Again, the degree of the discrepancy will vary with the product/service, etc. so more details will help us offer better advice, but to give just one example, if your site is one that's likely to receive a lot of comparison shopping, and visitors are clicking on your Ad more than once, but visiting your site all within 30 minutes, you could in theory have twice as many clicks as sessions without there being anything "wrong" at all.

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