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Importing AES file error

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I have a question for you guys. Whenever I try to import a aes file into my account I receive the following error: "The archive you are attempting to import is from a different account. If you continue, you'll copy the contents of a different account into your current account. Display ads, audiences with user lists and product groups won't be imported". Does any one know any solutions? I have tried getting the recent changes of the account and I have also downloaded the latest adwords editor version.

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October 2015

Re: Importing AES file error

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You have exported that AES file from one account, and are now importing it into another, a different one. Editor warns you in case you are doing it by mistake. It's not a common thing to want to do.

If you are in fact doing this intentionally, then just click Ok (or Yes, or Proceed - I don't remember exactly what the dialog looks like). Editor will do its best to preserve as much data from the file as it can. But certain things simply cannot be transferred between accounts for technical reasons, and will be inevitably lost.