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IP Blocking Feature And Possible Bugs in It?

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Google Adwords has a feature called IP Blocking that lets advertisers block certain IPs or blocks of IPs.


We have implemented this feature in our account(s). Unfortunately, the feature does not work as advertised.


In some cases it appears to work and we have seen a massive reduction (almost 100%) from offending IPs. But in other cases, it has almost zero impact on cutting out the offending IPs.


The Biggest offender seems to be T-Mobile IPs. Google Analytics also appears to have dodgy data on T-Mobile users.


Why does this matter? We get a 400-500% higher ROI from AT&T and Verizon users than we do T-Mobile users.


If I can see the user's IP on my servers, then why cannot Google? You guys are much smarter than me.


Can someone from Google chime in here?



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Re: IP Blocking Feature And Possible Bugs in It?

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Not Google's fault, really. Some ISPs use caching proxies that hide users true IP addresses from Google. Sounds like T-mobile must be one of them.

AdWords IP exclusions prevent serving an ad to the IP address, but they don't block clicks from it.

So, ISPs can create situations where a user's HTTP requests to Google don't match the IP address seen by your servers. You won't be able to exclude such users, unless you can figure out what IP addresses Google sees for those users.

Re: IP Blocking Feature And Possible Bugs in It?

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Hi Brian,


Google's products doesn't disclose the IP address of the user whether you use Google Analytics or AdWords. So this is something you will have to connect with your server guys to get the IP details.


Also many times the IP address is not fixed and everytime users connect to the internet, they are allocated some dynamic IP by their ISPs. So in those cases it even becomes difficult to get hold of the IP addresses and exclude them.


In the best possible scenario, you could review the server logs from time to time and try to exclude the IP addresses which looks suspicious to you. Also fine tune your campaigns for the targeted audiences for the best possible experience.


My 2 cents!