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I want to make sure I have a 'manual' account.

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I recently signed up for Google AdWords and I was told (bc I'm taking a class to learn about it) to sign up, skip the 'guided setup', and to not press continue as that would create a basic account. But to be sure before tonight's class, I wanted to know what does a non-basic account look like?


I want to make sure I have a 'manual' account.

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I'm assuming by basic, they meant Adwords Express. Basically it takes a lot of control out of your hands. You don't choose keywords. You don't add negatives. You have limited reporting, with no conversions reported.


Essentially, I tell people I speak with to either find enough time to learn about paid search yourself and manage it, hire someone, or skip it. Paid search is not a hands-off channel.


Hope that helps.