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I need your help with my suspended account. I don't know why.

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The reason given to me was "doesn't comply with our Advertising Policies and our AdWords Terms and Conditions." I looked into my adwords account and saw 4 ads that were disapproved for the reason that my site violates policy. What puzzles me is that there were no changes made to my site for more or less 6 months and during which my campaigns were doing good. What surprised me is that why did this just happen now. This is my landing page by the way:
I got my account suspended four days ago. I have been trying to contact adwords support and they were not helpful. I have talked to a support agent yesterday and I was promised a feedback. Until now,
I have none. I also submitted an appeal for review but still my account remains suspended. 
I need your help guys. This wakes me up in the middle of the night. I have not gotten "okay" sleep since.
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I need your help with my suspended account. I don't know why.

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if there is any path to reinstatement the details and contact
information will be in the suspension email sent by google.

otherwise, some suspensions are simply permanent.

generally, any claim google considers unrealistic may trigger a policy-flag --

especially claims related to health, or any claim without a scientific basis or

consensus among doctors, or without thorough and extensive disclaimers;

note that remarketing has additional restrictions for health related ads.

google is constantly checking and rechecking accounts, ads, landing-pages,
sites, businesses, business-practices, business-models, and how businesses,
products, or services have been represented to the public, for policy issues
over time -- the length of time an ad has been running tends to have no

impact whatsoever on such policy decisions.


if someone at google is already handling the case,

then the best likely course is simply to wait for the

person at google to reply.


I need your help with my suspended account. I don't know why.

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It's possible that your website falls under Healthcare and Medications, which Google is very strict about promoting. Take a look at this article and see if your website falls under any of these violations, even if it is closely related to one of those categories:


At the bottom you can contact Google Support, and sometimes they can do a manual review of your website (but that takes a while from what I've heard). 

I need your help with my suspended account. I don't know why.

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There are several violations on this page. However, the main one is  with the business model. You are offering a cure / healing ("Discover why the “Kidney Diet Secrets” Program can help you manage kidney disease and improve kidney functions"). -

Promoting a cure / healing is allowed only to pharma companies under restrictions;


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