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Huge drop in Quality Score

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Hi there!


So I'm experiencing sudden drop in my overall quality score. Most of my keywords' quality score dropped to 2 to 3 points, and whenever I change keywords' match from phrase to exact, their QS is boosted to 6 points.

I'm sure that I never had this kind of issues and not to sure how to fix this. Someone from my office told me that this might be a bug from Google adwords, So I think I have to figure out whether if it's not.


Can anyone help me out on this one? 

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September 2015

Re: Huge drop in Quality Score

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The Initial Default Quality Score (QS) for an new, or changed, edited keyword is always 6.

So if you edited the old match type, the default QS will show 6 for a period of time, until your account parameters are adjusted into the mix for that keyword.

If you create a new Keyword the Default QS would be 6 ( even if it is higher or lower)

if you delete a low quality keyword and then add it back minutes later the Quality Score will default to a 6 but soon will turn to the historical number of your account data for that keyword. (ie the score it was when you removed it)



You may want to check out the Best Practices about Quality score