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Huge amount of Invalid Clicks

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I am getting huge number of Invalid clicks for my campaign. Since January total number of Invalid clicks is 1000+ but when I checked in Billing tab only few pounds(<10) credited in my account.


Do I need to raise requesting a click investigation? 


I assume Google wouldn't charge me for those clicks.



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Re: Huge amount of Invalid Clicks

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Hi Santosh,


Google has already filtered those click and you were not charged for all the invalid clicks, it just a data for you.
In case if it got escaped from automatic filtering then you must have received the credit for those in term of invalid activity.


How Google handles invalid traffic
When our system detects invalid clicks on your ads, we automatically filter these out of your reports so that you're not charged for them. However, you still have the option to view invalid click data if you'd like to. See the section below about "Viewing invalid click data" for information on how to view invalid click data in your account.

If we find invalid clicks that have somehow escaped our automated detection in the past two months, we'll give you credit for these clicks. To view these credits for invalid clicks, click the Billing tab. Any invalid click credits you've received will be labeled "Invalid activity" on the transaction history page and will be credited to you.

If we find any invalid impressions in your account, this data won't affect the CTR used for determining your keyword's Quality Score.


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