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How to switch from AdWords Express to AdWords?

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Hi I have accidentally created Adwords Express account. As I am learning Adwords, I would like to swtich to a standard Adwords account. I have looked for the answers in this community but to no avail. The link provided in the previous similar question is doesn't solve my query as it is very confusing to use.


The link:


Do I need to delete my Adwords express account? If so, can anyone provide me the link to do so? If not, please provide the step-by-step guide to switch to a standard Adwords account.

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How to switch from AdWords Express to AdWords?

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Hi Nikhil,


Please contact the google support on the following phone number:


                        1800 258 2554          (For India) (Mon - Thu: 9 am to 6 pm) & (Fri: 9 am to 5 pm)

                        866-246-6453            (Worldwide)  (Mon - Fri: 9 am - 8 pm EST)


 and they will help you to switch the express account to the standard one.


Also, there is no way to delete an Adwords account, rather you can cancel your account and create a new one.

Link to deactivate/cancel your Adwords account:


Hope this helps!



Re: How to switch from AdWords Express to AdWords?

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Hey Nikhil,


Switch to a different account or business:


  1. Sign into your AdWords Express account.
  2. Look for your user name and profile photo at the top of the page. Click your profile photo.
  3. Choose an account to switch to.
  4. If you don't see the account you want, click Add account or sign up to create a new one.


Hope it helps buddy. Happy Googling Smiley Happy

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How to switch from AdWords Express to AdWords?

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Hi Nikhil,


There are two ways to switch over. 


1) You can click the 3 vertical dots in the header at the right hand side and click "view in adwords".
You will be able to access your AdWords Express account in AdWords with the same log in info. You will have some work in front of you to rework your campaigns and put all of the many, many features of AdWords to work. Quality score is really important and it can only be at a good level by utilizing much of the features. 


2) Some accounts do not have the dots and cannot be manually migrated. In this case, you have to contact support and they will do it for you. You can call 866-246-6453, Monday - Friday from 9am to 8 pm EST. 


Your browser cache will need to be cleared, since the cookie (and history) and auto fill option will take over with AdWords Express. This is the link to AdWords:


All the Best,



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