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How to run my suspended account ?

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I have created second account for my ads to help me separate budgets because I was using one account for both Text search ad and Video ad. but all my money spends on Text ad. Now how can I run both accounts?
I'm using same visa card for both accounts but with different ads in each account. One account for text ad and second account for video ad.

Please I need help, and I need to know can I run both accounts or not?

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Re: How to run my suspended account ?

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Hi Nouha,

For my opinion, you just only need 1 account adwords to run campaign.

To simple, you just create 2 campaigns with separate budget for each campaign. That all.

For example : Total budget you expect is $100, you create 2 campaigns which are $50 for each campaign.


Anna Nguyen

Re: How to run my suspended account ?

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Hi @Nouha 2,


You do not need to run separate accounts to manage spend levels, which is likely part of the reason for the suspension.


You should have one AdWords account per website property where you use a daily budget set per campaign. You can use the same Visa card on multiple accounts.


AdWords Account - website property XXXXX

Campaigns ---

>>> Search, $3.00/day

 >>> Video, $4.00/day

>>> Display, $5.00/day


With this setup, when $3.00 for search is spent, my video ads will still run until that $4.00 is spent, and my display ads will still run until that $5.00 is spent. You should dig into this AdWords Help File covering setup and basics to better understand the features. 


In essence, you have one AdWords account per website, and different Campaigns per account, and multiple Ad Groups per campaign. If you have two AdWords accounts for one website property, close one down. If you have two AdWords account for two different website properties, great, that is correct... and you should use a free AdWords Manager Account to operate them. 


Kind Regards,



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Re: How to run my suspended account ?

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Thanks for your respond,
but rely I have separated the budgets and made each ad in different campaign but the problem still exist, that is the search ad exceed the specified budget and spend more.
Ok Now I have deleted the second account and I want my first account to be active it's still suspended.
Please I need help it's big problem for me because I creating this account for our company I'm working with them.

Please I need any help.