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How to get a complaint taken seriously?

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I opened a new ad account on the promise of a £75 voucher when I spent £25.

I spent £25 but no £75 voucher was forthcoming, so I contacted customer support. I received an initial response within a few hours asking for more details, to which I replied the same day.


Several days passed with no reply, so I forwarded my response to the representative again, a few more days and I received a response asking for the same information again - clearly the representative had not read my email, nor my reply and had just sent a "stock" response. I replied again with the requested info.


Several days went by with no reply, so I contacted the person again requesting a response, several more days went by and I finally received a response with a voucher code - YAY!


However on trying to apply the code it would not work, so I contacted the representative again explaining the problem, they sent another voucher code, again after a protracted delay - same result. So I contacted them again - this time their reply stated that my account was outside the initial period during which the voucher could be claimed (2 weeks they said).


I was really annoyed at this stage because the delay was due almost entirely to the very slow response from customer services. I replied to the representative again, this time they replied back stating that they were on holiday when I had sent  my second email and that was why there was a delay! Seriously? Does no-one else monitor their emails? why am I £75 down because they (allegedly) went on holiday?


Appalled by this ridiculously poor service I made a complaint via the online form, I received a response the same day asking for copies of the emails between myself and the representative, I duly sent a copy of all the emails, got a response back saying:


"I am just emailing to inform you that I have sent this on to the relevant department, and they will thoroughly investigate this for you. You should hear from them soon. "


That was on the 30th May, since then I have sent three further emails to the complaints person (one per week) without receiving any further response.


I first opened the account at the beginning of April, it is now nearly the end of June - nearly three months and I am no nearer resolving this issue.


If anyone has a suggestions as to how I can a) get my complaint taken seriously; b) how I can get the £75 promised; and, c) is there a phone number I can call and actually speak to a real person to try to resolve this?





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How to get a complaint taken seriously?

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Hi Chris,


Sounds like a terrible journey. 


I would say that it could be that they are still investigating the situation as it can take weeks to do so in some cases. Regardless, since you asked for a phone number to AdWords Support, I wanted to provide that. Call 1-866-246-6453 Monday-Friday, 9:00 am to 8:00 pm (EST).


Kind Regards,



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How to get a complaint taken seriously?

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Thanks James, I will give them a call tomorrow.