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How to Get Control of Our AdWords Grant??

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Hello! An SEO company offered to sign us up for an AdWords Grant. (This company goes around to nonprofits and gets them your grants, then persuades the nonprofits that they need to sign up for an exorbitant monthly contract with them to manage the AdWords.) 

This grant rightfully belongs to this nonprofit, and I am trying to get control of the AdWords account for them. I tried calling and was told I can no nothing over the phone! That seems crazy. The AdWords account should technically BELONG to the nonprofit, not the SEO company. How do I get access to the account! Please help! 

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October 2016

How to Get Control of Our AdWords Grant??

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hi Kristen, 


who owns the adwords account you or the SEO company? If its you then its yours. if its theirs then its a bit more complicated. you can get in touch with support to see how they could help you out.





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