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How does Google refund invalid clicks costs ?

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Hello there ,

I have been using Google Adwords for a month now . I have got 83,000 invalid clicks . I have two questions .

1) Since Google detected these 83,000 fake clicks , Does it charge me for them ?

2) How do I get refunded for my fake clicks ?

I send a picture of my fake clicks amount . Please help me . This is too much invalid activities .

Image :

Regards ,

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December 2016

How does Google refund invalid clicks costs ?

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Hi @damla s invalid clicks are automatically excluded by the system, so you didn't pay for them 

Cheers, Alexey
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How does Google refund invalid clicks costs ?

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Per @damla s, the invalid clicks are removed. Google post-processes AdWords accounts after midnight, in the time zone the account is setup for, the process is sometimes referred to as "click washing" (removal of invalid clicks).  The data stabilizes by around 8am, at that time invalid clicks will have been credited. So you are not going to pay for them.  This article may be helpful:


I would say there is something dramatically wrong with either the campaign, or your site if over 90% of your clicks are invalid. If you share the url of your site we may be able to give you a better idea of what could be going on. Have you looked at the server log for your website to determine if the clicks are coming from a single IP address?  How about your dimensions report for Geography, are they all coming from one country which you can exclude?