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How do I set a budget?

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I've created an add and selected a keyword group...and it asks me how much per day I want to spend and how much I'd like to bid on the clicks...  But it never asks me my total budget..


From what I'm reading, it's just going to automatically charge me whatever it wants at the end of the month and I have no cap on this.


How do I cap my budget?

Re: How do I set a budget?

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Hi Health H,

Google Adwords only gives you an option to set Daily Budget instead of Monthly Budget. You can always calculate your monthly budget by simply multiplying your daily budget with 30.4 (Average number of days per Month). Based on this you can set your Daily Budget cap and you are in full control of how much you want to spend on daily/monthly basis. Also consider one more thing that Google may charge you up to 20% higher than your daily budget (Read here - You can always adjust your Budget anytime if you want to.

As for the Bids, you have to set a Max CPC initially to start running your ads and based on the Avg. Position, Impressions, Clicks you get, you can always adjust your Max CPCs according to your needs/goals.

Check below link for more details on Setting Up Budget: