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How do I remove Adwords account suspension

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My adwords account has been suspended and i have wrtiten to Google support about it and i keep getting generic responses and no real answers or guidance. One support member actually said it was because of this : charging users for products or services typically available for free;, I have tried explaining that this was not true and what my service is and that it is not available for free however I have not had any success. My website is Any help/guidance would be highly appreciated.

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January 2017

How do I remove Adwords account suspension

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that part of policies refers to something that
is typically available for free, elsewhere --
not that the product or service being advertised is free.

for example, offering the same similar information
that is available for free from a government website.

such advertising is under the misrepresentation section
of the untrustworthy policies -- if google does not offer
further details or a path to reinstatement, then usually
their decision is final and the suspension is permanent.


How do I remove Adwords account suspension

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My site provides a service to frequently log into the government website and check for available driving test slots on behalf of the candidates. We have a team of people who frequently log into the government website to do checks for available driving test slots on request and when they find a slot that matches the candidates requirements they contact the candidate to confirm if they should book it.


In the UK the average waiting times for practical driving test are over 12 weeks, i.e. the earliest slot at Isleworth driving test centre is on 15 May 2017. Test candidate who wants to do their driving test sooner than this time frame would need to log in @ (access to this site is free) and check if a sooner slot is available.

Finding a sooner slot could be a very time consuming and painstaking task given the low supply and high demand for driving tests. Any slots that become available are reserved very quickly due to the high demand, as a result candidates need to constantly check for available slots and act quick to reserve them. Some candidates do not have the time, patience or skills to constantly check for slots.


Even though access to government site ( is free, the service we provide is not available on there regardless of it being free or not. The government website does not offer a service or facility to frequently check for test slots for candidates, candidates have to manually keep checking, which is the service we provide & charge for.


I dont see how we are violating the Google policy.


Re: How do I remove Adwords account suspension

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simply because checking a free government website takes a lot of time or effort,
is likely not compelling enough to allow a product or service to advertise doing
the same similar tasks automatically, or to save such time -- so, likely would
still violate google's policies.


that said, this is mainly a peer-to-peer forum.


if there is a direct path to reinstatement,
google will usually indicate contact details
within their original policy-violation email.


otherwise, google may be contacted directly here --


generally, google requires compelling evidence that
an error was made in their evaluation with respect
to their policies.


google is the final arbiter of all policies.


see also