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How do I manage two companies under one Adwords account?

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I am managing the AdWords campaigns for two different companies registered in USA and England. Both companies are mine and have nothing to do with each other.

When I first created the Adwords account I've put the US company details. However I now run campaigns for the English company too. I'd like to claim the money as an expense before the English tax authorities but when I access my account there is nowhere to put the details of the second company.

It now appears that all the money are going through the US company. I know that I cannot create a second account. What should I do?





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Re: How do I manage two companies under one Adwords account?

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you most certainly can create another account There are many legitimate reasons why an entity would need multiple accounts, and you just described one of them. For a workaround with your current setup, can you not filter the UK campaigns to isolate the spend going to the UK company? Could the USA company send an invoice to the UK company to account for the spend?

Re: How do I manage two companies under one Adwords account?

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I can filter the UK campaigns but the main problem here is the legal point of view and what happens after an eventual tax investigation.
If one company sends an invoice to the other they'll need to have something in common. In my case both companies operate in absolutely different niches.
At the same time Google guidelines say that I can't have two Adwords accounts.

Re: How do I manage two companies under one Adwords account?

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@Angel O

They do have something in common, you. I'm certainly not up to speed on UK tax law, but from this side of the pond I think it would be an easy thing to prove and explain in an IRS audit.

re: can't have two accounts
That just can't be true. Can you please share a link to this guideline? Years ago the campaign limit for an account started off at only 25. You could request an increase, but I think that only would go up to 500. Many large companies needed multiple accounts just to be able to advertise everything they had efficiently. Now it's at 10,000, so no longer that much of an issue. As long as you are not using it to violate guidelines such as double serving you should be okay. I help out an entrepreneur friend of mine that is like you. He has 4 different businesses, and I had him set up a separate account for each. A couple reasons are he has different partners among them, and he needs to be able to pay each with a different card related to the respective business. Google should not expect him to cram all that into one account, and have to, develop some convoluted process for accounting.
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Re: How do I manage two companies under one Adwords account?

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Hi @Angel O for this situation as @David Kyle says, I can't see any reason for not having two Accounts.  The normal policy limitations for having more than one Account are where there is an attempt to "game the system", e.g. by having two separate Accounts for two different websites selling the same products to the same targets (so more than one Ad can appear in search results), ultimately sourced from the same parent company.  This is not the case for you.  You have two different businesses, targeting different regions.  In fact, even if it were the same website and product set, purely the fact that you're targeting different countries would be an acceptable use of multiple Accounts. it's a common practice for billing/tax purposes.



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