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How can i create an Adwords Manager Account? its impossible

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I have spent the past hour trying to create an adwords manager account we have a company that is creating 2 new brands/ products which have different websites on different domains.


We currently have one adworda ccount to manage them better rather than logging in an out of different account which i hate. I want to create this so called adwords manager account but it seems impossible.


I get a need new gmail emails or google accounts I create 3 on the fly all brand new soley for the purpose of this but every time i did it and went to associate it or whatever to the google manager account thing i coudnt do it. somethign to do with the email already being associated with an adwords account. WHAT aRGGHHHHHH how frustrating can google get seriously I just create them for the purpose ONLY how can they be associated with another adwords account


I've just gone round in circles and got no where tried this 3 times  why do google make it sdo hard this is impossible. Can someone please help I've no idea why i cant just create an account on the fly for this prpose like you can with any other online product!!

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February 2016

Re: How can i create an Adwords Manager Account? its impossible

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Hi There,


To do this, first visit the MCC homepage and signup.  When you go to create your Manager Account you must use an email address that is not already associated with another AdWords Account.  Once this is created, you can start linking your AdWords Accounts to your new MCC.


Create an AdWords Manager Account