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How can I change how often the advertising expenditures are charged?

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Currently, we're billed every $500, but that's too often and makes tons of line items for the charged account's billing statement.

How can I adjust that to every $1000 or something larger so as not to incur so many charges?  I'd prefer at the minimum 1 charge per day, but more like 1 charge per week.  I'd even pay ahead if Google AdWords is not willing to provide "credit" in these "unbilled" charges.  Or, if they provided an option to apply for credit, that would be even better.  Like, every $10,000 you are billed as opposed to the daily ad expenditure or in the extreme case, penny by penny.

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Re: How can I change how often the advertising expenditures are charged?

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Hi @JasonSamfield,


Welcome to the Google Advertiser Community.


Google AdWords billing options are very flexible which makes it possible for you to tune the billing to your preferences. Learn about the billing options here. You can choose automatic payments, manual payment or the monthly invoicing option.


For automatic payments, the AdWords system deducts an amount from your credit card after you must have accrued the cost. In your case, the system deducts $500. This means that $500 is your billing threshold. You can change that to any amount you wish. If you don't meet your threshold in time, you will be charged every 30 days.


Manual payments option is not available in all countries while monthly invoicing is not available for all accounts


Learn more about automatic and manual payments options as well as how to change your billing threshold here:


I hope this helps.




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How can I change how often the advertising expenditures are charged?

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Billing threshold is  accounted dependent (based on your spend) and country dependent.  If the system does not automatically increase your threshold - this means you have reached the max threshold. To increase it further - contact Google.

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