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How To Upload & Edit Multiple Lightbox Ads?

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Hi There,


I'm trying to upload and edit more than 20 different type Lightbox ads with different text and landing pages. I realised that you are not able to edit all elements (images, videos, CTA and messages etc) in AdWords Editor.


Is there are any faster and efficient ways to upload / edit them rather than just uploading through interface each by each?


Thank you for your help!




How To Upload & Edit Multiple Lightbox Ads?

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I haven't used Lightbox ads before, but according to this page ( you should be able to do a bulk upload with Excel. To upload a spreadsheet, go into your campaign then click the Edit button then choose "Upload Spreadsheet". I'm not sure what the format of the spreadsheet would be for Lightbox ads, but you could select an ad then download a spreadsheet and use that as a template to upload/edit more ads.