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High quality ads = high user interaction

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Google Employee

As a kid, I was an insufferable know-it-all. Nothing made me happier than sharing a factoid in a really smug voice. I was very quickly known as the “Did you know…?” kid (nickname-giving not being what it is today). So imagine my existential crisis when one day I told a group of friends with the confidence of Clark Kent revealing he is [spoiler alert] Superman, that the Great Wall of China was the only made man object visible from space - only to be corrected that actually, there are other objects you can see from the final frontier.  


The reality is that there are things that we hear so often or that we think are so blindingly obvious that we don’t bother to ask for facts. The notion that having a good, quality ad will result in higher user interactions seems so logical that it's so easy to regard it as the gospel truth. Lucky, here at Google, we don’t like to take things for granted. Our research team have examined ads shown on Google search to determine and quantify what drives users to click or interact with ads, and to change their behaviour to previously seen ads. They did this by looking at ads blindness and sightedness, dubbed ‘the phenomenon of users changing their inherent propensity to click on or interact with ads’.


The research provides experimental evidence that user satisfaction is paramount - what drives users to interact with ads depends on the quality of previously viewed or clicked ads, as measured by both ad relevance and landing page quality. In essence, focusing on user satisfaction ensures happier users. Now we have empirical evidence to something that advertisers rely on - high quality ads equal high user interaction.


For the full methodology and results of the experiment, you can see the published research paper here - Focusing on the Long-term: It’s Good for Users and Business


For more information on man made objects visible from space, read this lovely article from the good people at Mental Floss - 5 Man-Made Things You Can See from Space

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Re: High quality ads = high user interaction

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Sorry @Elijah L, I just couldn't resist! Either you baited me or that was perfectly executed on your end Smiley Happy


On a more topical note, this is fantastic stuff. Advertisers need to be made aware of this more. In a world where, anecdotally, more and more advertisers are opting for the more generic ads, it's becoming easier to compete by putting just a little bit of effort into ad text. We've noticed this a lot with our customers. When we take on a new client, the biggest results come from the first few weeks/months of rewriting ad copy.


Thanks for this, I love seeing this sort of thing on the community!

Re: High quality ads = high user interaction

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Google Employee
Perfectly executed of course. All part of my master plan ;-)

Thanks for reading and for taking this know-it-all down a peg or two :-)