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Help with "Site Not Working"

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I'm setting up an Adwords account and I'm getting a


Site suspended Site violates policy
Site policies: Site not working
I've been over the policies here: which is the link I get in the Policies column and I really can't see what the issue is. Can anyone spare 5 minutes to look over the site and see if there's anything I'm obviously doing wrong?
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June 2016

Re: Help with "Site Not Working"

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Nothing is obviously wrong. When google says "site not working" that can literally be that for some reason your site or server was temporarily down when google tried to access it. I can see your site and navigate on it just fine as of the time of this post.

Also, if you have any spam or IP blocking on your site, it is possible that google might be getting blocked if their server is on the block list by mistake. If you are confident that your site is working, and google is not being blocked, visit to request a site review. Ask to be contacted by phone and if any issues still remain you will receive a call and those issues will be explained to you.

Hope this helps!

Re: Help with "Site Not Working"

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Hey! Thanks so much Elliott - I'll do that today.