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Hard-coded HTML responsive banner

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I have built an HTML responsive banner with a meta-tag of

<meta name="ad.size" content="width=0,height=0">

 and the code validates when I run it in on h5validator. But when I try to upload my zipped files into Adwords using the Upload image ad tool it won't work because I do not have a proper ad size defined in my meta-tag. If I set an acceptable ad size like 300 × 250 then it will work. However, my banner won't be responsive anymore.

Adwords provides a responsive ad feature but I want to use my own HTML code.


I thought giving the ad size a width and height of  0 in the meta-tag would work because it was listed as an example on But does this only apply for DoubleClick Digital Marketing?

Is it possible to upload a hard-coded HTML responsive banner into Adwords at all? 



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Hard-coded HTML responsive banner

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Hi @Carol L,


You cannot follow the guidelines for DoubleClick for use with AdWords.


Please refer to this info, which will guide you for HTML ads with Adwords. And this info will guide you for Responsive ads with AdWords. 


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Re: Hard-coded HTML responsive banner

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I'm currently experiencing the same problem and don't feel Carol's question has been answered adequately. The link specified by Carol states:

Set creative dimensions in your HTML file with the size meta tag: <meta name="ad.size" content="width=[x],height=[y]">.

Unlike images or videos, HTML documents don't have dimensions on their own. For this reason, use the size meta tag to indicate the intended size for your creative. The size meta tag is an optional parameter in your HTML document. It's the best way to be sure your creative renders at the right dimensions.

HTML5 creatives can have fixed dimensions or flexible dimensions.

  • Fixed dimensions are regular dimensions. E.g., 300x250 or 400x400. Traffickers can only assign these creatives to placements of the same size.

  • Flexible dimensions adjust to the size of your placement. In DCM, a flexible dimension is indicated with a zero. E.g., 0x0, 300x0, or 0x250. Traffickers in DCM can assign to flexible creatives to any size placement.

In AdWords, we seem to be able to specify fixed dimensions in the size meta tag, but not flexible dimensions. It would be advantageous to be able to specify flexible dimensions as it would mean we would only have to upload one zip file per ad, rather than multiple for each dimension of ad. Is there any way this can be done?