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Grey vs black terms

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In my AdWords account, some of the key terms are in solid black, which I thought it is how it suppose to be, some of them are gray like it's been deleted but with active status and default bid amount. Under the terms that are grayed out, there's usually (enhanced) which I don't really know what that means. If I manually overwrite the bid amount to something else, it will change the term to solid black. 

So what is the "enhanced" means and why is some terms in grey instead of solid black ?

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February 2017

Re: Grey vs black terms

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Hi @It D,


Keywords that are grey are set to the default bid. When first creating a campaign and/or adgroup, you are prompted to input a default bid. This bid is what all new keywords will automatically be set to. If you look at all of the grey keywords and they are all the same amount, then they were all created & set to the default bid and have not been changed yet. Once you change the bid, the keywords are no longer set to the default amount and they switch to black. However, if you switch the bid back to the default amount, the keywords will remain black.


Here is the definition of Enhanced CPC and some more information


I hope this helps!