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Google owns stock in my competitor

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I own a childcare company, and learned that Google owns a large part of How can a company like mine compete now against (may as well be as I am sure probably can now run indefinate FREE adwords ads. i.e. if does well, google does too. How can companies who are not owned or partially owned (or shares owned by google) compete fairly though advertising? I have to pay full price to run google adwords ads, or try to use another advertising mechanism, and it doesn't seem fair.

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August 2016

Re: Google owns stock in my competitor

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@Sunshine B;

AdWords is a  a computer advertising platform, with a "fixed" algorithm in which every advertiser a fair chance (as long as  "play by the rules").

The auction system which has been the core of  AdWords is not biased towards any advertiser. All advertisers  are ranked based  on performances and bids. If an advertiser wins the auction,  the ad is shown, regardless where Google invests its money... 


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Re: Google owns stock in my competitor

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Does google advertise itself on google for free? Google OWNS the majority share of, I can't see how they practially own that they would not offer #1 spot on

Re: Google owns stock in my competitor

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Hi Sunshine,

I think what you are ultimately saying is that you have a competitor who has a lot of money. This isn't unusual - lots of searches throw up ads from both major corporations and small businesses.

If Google offered free ads to themselves or a related company, those "free" ads would still be ad revenue that Google is missing out on.